Sunday, December 27, 2009


A final goodbye to an amazing year.........

I keep thinking times will never change, keep on thinking the things will be same .. But, when we leave this year , we won't be coming back.......
Till now i knew Life is just routine ,, studying, passing or failing in exams, enjoying with friends, family and work.....
But i did'nt knew Life is all about the ups and downs and how we struggle to overcome the sorrowful moments.........

You taught me about the life, i came across the situations where i could understand the meaning of life... By seeing different people , their lives , problems I felt i am lucky not to have soo many worrying problems as i used to take everything a serious one earlier.

I was depressed when i did'nt get the things which i had expected, worried about the future ...
Then You taught me about having patience in life.. Bad things come earlier and go earlier and only Good things come lately but stay forever.......

I was in a opinion that i am unlucky when people whom i love and people who love me had gone away from me.......
Then You taught me, Itz not leaving me but itz just a time to fly .. And no one comes with me forever.........

Totally You made me strong minded person, made me know about the life........
It seems as if you are going very earlier.. I keep on thinking, are'nt you a dream??????
Life gave me the gift of you...

{May be itz not a goodbye but, itz the time to move forward}

Saturday, December 26, 2009

"A True Mother"

A story about a lady whose decision had changed someone's life.. With her decision someone got a life...... Here starts the story...............

The lady was so happy when she came to know that she is going to be a mother. True happiness of a women begins when she becomes a mother. It feels so amazing and miraculous when you know that a little creature in your womb waiting for his time to see the world.It feels good when you know that a small baby of your own waiting to come out to make your world so special. she used to take a lot of care for her baby , had a regular doctor checkup , used to spend time with her husband , used to go for a pleasant walk in the evening. She used to imagine her baby's features and used to paint them on a paper.

The time had arrived for a baby who wants to see this world .. The lady was admitted in the hospital and had an opearation. she was taken to the room and was in a deep sleep. She opened her eyes and was eagerly waiting to her baby. With a slow voice she asked the nurse who was sitting beside her. " Nurse ! Can i see my baby?? Can i see my baby?? " The nurse was silent. Again she asked " Where is my baby?? Show me my baby.." But still the nurse didnt reply.. The nurse , doctor and her husband looking out of the window thinking how to say her about the baby who went away from this world. The baby was dead due to respiration problem, the baby had left this world without even opening his eyes... "May be he dont want to see this jealous world .".. And more over she can never have a child again in her life...

The lady was shouting as no one is reponding her. With tears in her eyes she shouted ,"Why you people are silent? what happend to my baby??Is everything fine. I want my baby. I was in a full of joy and excitement to see and take my baby into my hands. But why are you not showing my baby???" Her husbad walked towards her and hugged her saying that the baby is no more. Hearing this the lady broken into tears and couldnot control herself.. It took almost 6 months to come out of the sorrow.. One day she decided strongly ,not to cry anymore for the one which you dont have and can never come back..

She decided to adopt a child . She thought that there are so many people who need our help.."Why cant i give life to someone who need it".. Immediately she told her decision to her husband and he too had no objection in adopting a child.. Both went to a orphonage and had adopted a child and she promised the child saying " baby i will take care of you from now , I will be your teacher, care taker, servant and your "MOTHER".. Every child needs a Lap..............

Here ends the story.......... There are so many who are in need of us. They need a mother , a father to take care of them.. They had taken this opportunity to become a mother.They need a mothre, a father to take care of them. The lady thought ," Atleast when we have no chance of having a child , Why cant we adopt a child........."

"Instead of wasting the life in sorrow of not having a child, We can adopt a child... We can give life to others and this brings a great satisfaction..."

Monday, December 14, 2009

What can you do for me?????

I can sing for you..
But i am not a singer,
I can dance for you..
But i am not a dancer,
I can play music for you..
But i am not a musician,
I can paint for you..
But i am not a painter,
I can do anything for you..
But you cannot do anything for me,
U mean a lot for me..
But i never meant nothing to you,
But still I Love U, Care U Forever.......

Short Poem

I can't promise you that i can bring light in your life ,
But i can assure you that i can become a small light
in your darkness...
I can't promise you that i can make your life happy,
But i can assure you that i can bring some happiness
when you are sad...
I can't promise you that i can die for you,
But i can assure you that i will die when you are no more.......

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Little Boy

This is the day i felt bad for someone who is no where related to me.This is the day i felt emotional for someone whom i never thought of.
In due of days, i was bored of my life and want a change. Then decided to visit my native place for two days. Me and my mom went to the village the next day. My mom was so happy as she visited her own place after so many years. I began to enjoy with my cousin's. When i was talking to one of my cousin there appeared a little boy. He is short, had black eyes like coal and disheveled hair.He is just 3 years old. He is demanding with the person's that are in his environment. He is a naughty boy.I was irritated by his mischeif. This boy is the neighbour of my grandmother's house and he always loves to be here rather in his home. He likes sweets so much that even if we give him a chilly saying it's a sweet, he takes it with a smile.Slowly this little boy attracted me, his innocent smiles felt in my eyes and i started playing with him. This boy says something in his language but i was not able to understand as he used to speak only half a word. I enjoyed his presence. And itz the time to move on. We started to the station and by seeing us the little boy was crying from his balcony. He wants to give send off by coming to the station. He was trying to come but his mother holding his hand tight. And lastly i said bye to him and went.
I was busy with my life and the days passed on. Two months later i got a call saying , the little boy met with an accident and dead. I was shocked and have no words to talk. I felt very bad and this is the day i felt for somebody who is no where related to me..
Why God wants to take away those innocent smiles and how can he take away those innocent smiles away from this world. Why God is cruel sometimes? How are his parents feeling knowing that their boy will not come back. He is no more !!!!! We never think of others who met accidentally but sometimes their presence or absence will disturb us.This is a real story and i never knew that i would write about this little boy here.
Dedicated to you my little boy and his name is 'Veydesh'.......

How I Feel

I wanna die
I wanna cry
But all i can do
Is just keep walking
with a smile on my face
And pretend the scares
Are'nt really there !!!