Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Little Boy

This is the day i felt bad for someone who is no where related to me.This is the day i felt emotional for someone whom i never thought of.
In due of days, i was bored of my life and want a change. Then decided to visit my native place for two days. Me and my mom went to the village the next day. My mom was so happy as she visited her own place after so many years. I began to enjoy with my cousin's. When i was talking to one of my cousin there appeared a little boy. He is short, had black eyes like coal and disheveled hair.He is just 3 years old. He is demanding with the person's that are in his environment. He is a naughty boy.I was irritated by his mischeif. This boy is the neighbour of my grandmother's house and he always loves to be here rather in his home. He likes sweets so much that even if we give him a chilly saying it's a sweet, he takes it with a smile.Slowly this little boy attracted me, his innocent smiles felt in my eyes and i started playing with him. This boy says something in his language but i was not able to understand as he used to speak only half a word. I enjoyed his presence. And itz the time to move on. We started to the station and by seeing us the little boy was crying from his balcony. He wants to give send off by coming to the station. He was trying to come but his mother holding his hand tight. And lastly i said bye to him and went.
I was busy with my life and the days passed on. Two months later i got a call saying , the little boy met with an accident and dead. I was shocked and have no words to talk. I felt very bad and this is the day i felt for somebody who is no where related to me..
Why God wants to take away those innocent smiles and how can he take away those innocent smiles away from this world. Why God is cruel sometimes? How are his parents feeling knowing that their boy will not come back. He is no more !!!!! We never think of others who met accidentally but sometimes their presence or absence will disturb us.This is a real story and i never knew that i would write about this little boy here.
Dedicated to you my little boy and his name is 'Veydesh'.......


  1. Hey!
    Nice thing to write about.
    I remember him...he was naughty,active and was excited to get his picture clicked by us.
    You saw him for two days and built a bonding so lasting.
    Related or not sometimes the way we get bonded with few people is wonderful.

    There so many things you mentioned about the lil boy....that really makes me miss him too :)
    Keep writing,
    May he rest in peace.