Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Pet :" MINNIE "

CHAPTER 1 : The Day I Got You

May 14th- 2009 : It was 9 P.M , we finished our dinner and was aboutto go to sleep as i was tired of going out that day..Then i heared a calling bell, i went out to see who is that.. A 15-18 years boy holding a basket in his hand was standing out of the gate. I didnt know who he is?? I asked him whom you want?? He asked me 'Do you want a cat?' I said 'what?'. Again he asked me ' do you want a cat , i had in my basket.. Immediately i asked him,'Does it dnt have a mother'.. He said 'NO'...
Then i called him inside and asked him to shpow the little cat- Kitten....

He took out the basket and placed it on the floor..It was soo cute, small and was shouting as it could not understand where he was... At first i was happy to see it but then i realised it was crying for his mother cat..It does'nt even know how to walk bt was trying to walk.. My eyes became wet seeing it crying for his mother.. But i asked the boy who bought the cat whether it has a mother. He said 'No'... So i decide to keep it with me...

I placed it in a shelf with a bowl of milk placed beside it..Then i went to sleep and in the midnight when i woke up , i went to see it.. It was sleeping.. It was soo cute..

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  1. Hai!!
    Finally a post on Minnie!!!
    I was so very waiting for it!!
    Well written and a cute minni in the picture.
    Hey inb/w My sister Kali ani oka post rasdam anukuna...hehe similar title annukunam kada :~)