Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Apolozise Letter

Today , I forgot to wish one of my best friend at 12 'o' clk at night..

She felt so bad for it as she was waiting for my call as i usually do every year without fail... But this time i did'nt!!!

So, I mailed her an apolize letter saying sorry and something very funny so that her anger goes and may feel happy...
Here starts ......
  • I am soo sorry as I didn’t wish u at 12 ‘o’ clock....
  • May be my mind was thinking to wish u some what differently...

Itz as follows…………….

I never thought of a letter ‘5’ and that too Jan 5…

Who knows I would be feeling bad or you ,when I couldn’t call on 5th Jan..

But unfortunately I missed it to do so…

But, as I said my mind might be conscious of making it in a different way..

"I called you at mrng 5 ‘o’ clock as your birthday on 5th...
As we have 5 senses in our body, 5 fingers to each hand and leg, and Panchabutalu even..."

And as my roll number is 27 and if we subtract 2 from 7 gives 5…. Heheheheheheehheheeheh

And even’ sorry’ has 5 letters in it…hehhehe

So…. Now no need of sorry any more as everything is related to your birthday date….

Itz quite interesting na… .....

Finally once again I am wishing you a very very happy birthday dear…


BYE BYE……………….


  1. Hahahahaha...YEah! It was sooo funny!

    SO it was sirisha's bday na...aha :P
    and u made that greeting for her na??!!

    The way you related 5 with everything else is amazing :P

    so send me five big big five star chocolates as its ur frnds bday:P

  2. ok i vl ask her to send five star choclates to you.... itz her birthday na....

  3. U send or she sends 5 star is a 5 star sisteruuu!!

    Here is an award for you!! Check out my blog!!


  4. hey i didnt knew that the whole greeting was here :) when u said that ur sis knows abt this, i thought that she happened to see it somewhere.. thanku for such a wonderful and most creative lovely greeting i ever got:)
    thanku dear :)

  5. :) That was a sweet way to wish you kada..chinni is so very creative!!!